We appreciate that time is a valuable resource in the food business. We are pleased to offer an allergen and calorie analysis service that will impinge on your busy environment as little as possible at the best price to be found on the market.

It is our goal to take the pain and the high cost out of the allergen labeling and calorie calculation process – leaving you to get on with doing what you do best.


As of December 2014 legislation requires that all Irish food businesses providing non -prepackaged food (e.g. restaurants and take-aways) clearly state the presence of any EU listed allergens. We can provide peace of mind by ensuring full compliance.


Calories on menus

In February of 2015 the Cabinet approved proposals to implement legislation on calorie menu labelling in Ireland. Proposed legislation will require restaurants, take-aways and all food service outlets to display calorie values for all food and some beverages on all menus.

Allergen labelling and calculating calories with accuracy can be daunting and cumbersome – particularly within a busy restaurant environment. Our team can provide the technical expertise needed to complete these tasks accurately and efficiently at a surprisingly low cost.


Healthy Workplace Initiatives

Healthful routines in the work environment are crucial for creating a happier workforce with greater productivity. As qualified nutritionists we can help with the implementation of healthy eating strategies such as healthy option menus and healthy eating workshops.

Menu engineering and nutritional analysis

We can offer advice on how to reduce calorie contents without compromising on taste. We also provide assistance on communicating the nutritional benefits of dishes which although healthy, may have a high calorie content.

There is an increasing demand among certain consumers to know the full macronutrient breakdown of the foods they consume outside of the home. CALculate My Menu is pleased to offer full nutritional analyses of your dishes.